Dear reader,

I ask You kindly to take a little time to study the following text, in which I refer to my cultural work and to my view on life and philosophy:

Since years I am self-promoting by impulse my own cultural work with much joy and energy. Access to these activities is given on my homepage at ThereYou can realize that it is important for me to spread thoroughly elaborated scientific data and tested facts as well as to express freely my own well-considered opinions. I am freethinking and do not depend on employers. I like complexity. Some of my goals in life are - and how should that be different - my mental self-development, the fulfillment of my own demands made on myself as well as improvement and control of my public image.

Additionally there is another very important point: to be continuously aware of my moralic and civic duty to act responsible in our information-society: i. e. to try everything to understand  - by thinking as earnest and profound as possible - the backgrounds of actual problematic situations and trends, to develop well considered proposals for betterment and to publish them as accurately formulated opinions or as appropriate comments. This concerns especially the environmental situation, the anthropogenic energy- and mass-fluxes caused by rising consumption as well as reprehensive violence.

Since 1997 - subsequent to the accomplishment of my doctoral thesis in geology - my cultural work continually evolved into interdisciplinarity and consists at present of the following main themes:

1- revisional work (since 2000) in own basic research (my ivory tower), which consists of geological mapping, sedimentology, stratigraphy and tectonics. By means of the method of the Socratic self-dialogue, I scrutinize the quality of my thesis's base, which consists of a geological map 1:10000 - elaborated between 1986-1989 under worst scientific supervision - , covering an area of ca. 30km². In this area, I try to detect and analyze my own errors and failures - as many as I can get aware of - , which inevitably occurred in a rather complex and difficult general situation (concerning physical access, outcrop situation, tectonic deformation, discernibility of geological formations, contradictory and arbitrary information in related scientific literature). See my publication and my friendly appeal to publishing houses to improve quality control of submitted papers This self-revision-work will be finished within a few years and will be summarized in a paper entitled "Geological mapping work in complex terrain: the process of failing, realizing, learning and evolving";

2- Organization and cultivation (since 1996) of a database, in which I open up professional literature on environmental geology and ecology and which I make accessible to the common since April 1999.  See I chose the non-profit / pro bono option in order to have more users and to rise the probability to spread more useful and important ecological and environmental information. The activation of key words (in German language) generates citations in alphabetic order, which are linked (e. g. via digital object identifier DOI) to the relating full text professional papers present in journals and books on
the internet-pages of the publishing-houses. Since the last upload, ca. 8500 citations and 2750 key words (ca. 5,3 MB) are available online. 102679 hits were created during 4103 online-visits in April 2013; see user-statistics since year 2000;

3- scientific base work (since 2003) for the establishment of the virtual Geopark Werdenfels (Southern Bavaria, Germany). By doing so, I do not only intend to rise the degree of sensibilitiy of the public for beautiful and fascinating rock formations and landscapes, but also to try to explain the deeper senses of aesthetics, singularity, transitoriness, vulnerability and adaptation; as well as the importance of applying knowledge, meaning and consequences of palaeoclimatic changes to the actual environmental development (climate change, warming and acidification of the oceans, sea level rise) in the anthroposphere.
This can best be offered in that geopark, because lithified products of ecological turnovers in earth history are well exposed there: Middle Triassic and Middle Cretaceous tropical fringing reefs failed to adapt to the onset of greenhouse climates and demised; see;

4- my intellectual online testament, in which I develop (since 2008), substantiate and defend my thoughts and theses about the sociological key-problem: reprehensible violence - negative aggression - of mankind against individuals of its own species, against other forms of life (plants, animals) in the ecosystems of the bio- and anthropospheres and against the unanimated nature in so far that because of pretensions and greed more and more resources are mined, extracted and dissipated on the earth's uppermost crust, and ever more natural areas get urbanized and waste is dumped on it. This text results in the statement that the situation might improve, if
educators better care for transferring the deep meanings of fairness and peace as well as unlimited vulnerability, forlornness, singularity and vanity of each person; and that cooperation, moral courage, sharing with and helping other persons can make a good part of the life's sense.
This spiritualized knowledge might serve for nearly all persons as mental base, which immunizes against or prevents from affective acts and temptations to execute reprehensible violence; see (in German language). The emotional equivalent of my strict postulation to live more humanity, respect, fairness and moderation as well as to work for re-moralization, de-materialization, de-energetization, de-economization and re-intellectualization of the societies is available in the poem (in German language) "Geldgebet - money prayer: human beings and natural resources in the mills of global economy, power and optimization. Eco-socio-polit - death-fugue, modified from Paul Celan", printed in the anthology "Lyrik und Prosa unserer Zeit", Neue Folge, Band 16, 4 Seiten, Karin Fischer Verlag GmbH, Aachen);

5- my work to write the book "250 years of industrial extraction of mineral raw materials and its impact on system earth: ecological, social and political consequences on global, regional and local scales", in which I will have described till end 2016 in detail the development of industrialial mass-extraction and mass-utilization of mineral resources in a chain of growing economic values as well as its consequences and multiple side-effects for mankind and environment (improvements, chances, disparities, risks, dependencies, irreversibilities, resource-conflicts, etc.) caused by the mass-application of brilliant ideas and inventions of the greatest and most creative thinkers in technology and science;

6- the assistance (since 2000) of my wife Helga Pfoertner during her publishing work for the three volumes (in German language) "Mit der Geschichte leben: Mahnmale, Gedenkstätten und Erinnerungsorte für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus in München 1933-1945 - Living with history: memorial sites for the victims of Nationalsocialism in Munich 1933-1945" (ca. 630 pages in sum ) and during regular updates. See the official site I also assist her during advanced training in ecological/environmental education of school-teachers in the section "Environment" of the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

Energy and fear stimulate me to develop and push foreward all that cultural work and I am convinced that this work described above is useful and necessary in a spoilt mass-, consumer- and trash/dump-society, which spreads without consideration of complementary disadvantages of many other individuals and which spreads on dispense of humanitarian and social standards achieved laborously over the centuries and which ever more is pocketed by utilitaristic, optimization and commercial mentality; a system, in which disparities, crises and instabilities grow, extremism spreads and the degrees of freedom of future generations get restricted more and more. I think that my critical cultural work is an essential counterpoint to that problematic kind of mainstream.

You find my CV at .

Yours sincerely

Hubert Engelbrecht