*Dr. rer. nat. Hubert Engelbrecht* Age-group 1957. Status: married


Dec.2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award:
Nov.27.2009 Biographical profile in 27. Edition Marquis Who's Who in the World 2010. More
Jun.04.1998 Contraction of marriage with Helga Pfoertner
May.16.1997 Doctoral examination in geology
Sep.02.1996 Submission of the thesis. 231 pages, 4 geological maps in colour, 6 enclosures
Mar.1986-Mar.1989 Research promotion by a scholarship granted by the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation in Munich
Mar.1986-Aug.1996 Doctoral study of geology. Title of the thesis: "On the geology of the Monticiano-Roccastrada-Zone (Southern Tuscany, Italy)". Supervisor: Prof. Dr. ..... (Ore mineralogist)
Apr.09.1985 Diploma examination in geology. Optional subjects: petrography and geology of mineral deposits. Title of diploma thesis: "Report on geological mapping work as well as tectonic and sedimentpetrographic studies in an area south of Monticiano (Tuscany)". 108 pages, 5 enclosures.
Immediately followed by own geological studies in S-Tuscany/Italy in the Area of Monticiano-Roccastrada
May.17.1979 Pre-examination in geology. Optional subjects: physics and chemistry
Nov.1977 - Apr.1985 Study of geology
Nov.1976-Jul.1977 Study of physics
Jun.25.1976 School-leaving examination
Easter holidays 1974, 1975 King’s School of English (Beckenham, London, UK): continuation training of English language
Sep.1967-Jun.1976 Secondary school Murnau. Optional subjects during intermediate grade: Economy, tabular bookkeeping and typewriting. Upper grade: mathematic - natural scientific branch
Sep.1963-Jul.1967 Boys' school Murnau (District Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany)
1963-1976 Schooling

Actual projects:
- Scientific base work for Geopark Werdenfels;
- Literature studies for the referential database in environmental geology and ecology;
- Revision of my geological survey (30 km²) of the Farma Valley in Tuscany, Italy;
- Elaboration of detailed lithostratigraphic columns of Carboniferous turbidites in the Farma Valley in Tuscany, Italy.

08.02.2017 The first privately conferred distinction: disinheritance by the male creator: cold bread, deep-frozen
30.06.2015 Out of Murnau
Mar.16.2015 Thoughts about the anthropocene
Nov.01.2014 Participation at the inauguration of a museum of geology and archaeology of the Farma Valley (Library of Circolo ARCI - Associazione Ricreativa e Culturale Italiana - , Torniella, Italy). More
Mar.06.2014 Proclamation to the science community to get more engaged in the solution of actual problems. More
Jan.16.2014 Comment on "More peace and wealth because of useful and productive wars?" More (in German language)
Jul.26.2013 Comment on the resolution (Dec.15.2011) of an Upper Bavarian municipal council to clear up the NS-history of its small town. More (in German language)
Nov.06.2012; Mar.15.2013 Finding of early Carboniferous fossils in the Farma Valley, Italy: brachipods in the Carpineta Formation and Conodonts in calcareous turbidites of the Farma Formation. More
Jan.-Mar.2012 Origination of "money prayer"
Apr.-Dec.2011 Inventarization of the rock-, mineral- and fossil-collection (ca. 2400 samples) of my matrilinear great-grandfather
Mar.-Apr. und Jun.-Jul.2011 Elaboration of geological infoboards for the Hoellental Museum in the Wetterstein Mountains and at the mountain Wank near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany
Jan.13.-Mar.15.2011 Elaboration of the first geological map of the Wetterstein Mountains (scale 1:100000) by compiling diploma- and doctoral theses (1951-1963) written at LMU und TU Munich
Feb.15./23.2011 Formulation of two letters sent to a museum for the history of technique to improve its environmental friendlyness
Jan.01.2011 Essay against reprehensible anthropogenic violence online
2005/2006 and 2010 Inventarization of the rock-, mineral- and fossil-collection as well as biological objects from the estate of late Mrs. Dr. rer. nat. Ingeborg Haeckel (biologist)
Jun.02.2010 Proposal to create the Geopark Northern Calcareous Alps
May.2009 Inspection in the court-records concerning the NS-activities of my patrilinear grandfather and granduncle
04.2009 Finding of calcareous turbidites and sedimentary melanges in the Farma Formation, Tuscan Palaeozoic
Apr.09.,Apr.28.,Jun.16.2008 Cooperation in the film project Human Failure, Sentana Filmproduction GmbH, Munich. Sent: Jan.24.2009 at 09.50 pm by the Bavarian Broadcasting Company. First run cinema: Mar.03.2009 at 08 pm in Forum Cinema at Deutsches Museum in Munich. The documentary film got the "Avner Shalev Yad Vashem Chairmen's Award" during the Jerusalem International Film Festival 2009
Oct.06.1988-Feb.10.2007 Successful mental liberation from a fascist-totalitarian-despotic clan by means of the help of medical specialists
Nov.13.2007 Virtual Geopark Werdenfels online
Since Dec.2006 Organization and service of the database "Land of thousand geotopes: the elements of the Geotope Area Werdenfels and surroundings"
Mar.08.2006 Meeting of a descendant of the cloth-trader-family mentioned below
Aug.24.2004 "The Werdenfels-Amber from geotope Langer Köchel". Short-documentation of the first finding of fossil resin (age: ca. 115 Million years) in Helvetic Units at the northern margin of the Calcareous Alps: Elaboration of an Infoboard in the geological section of the Schloßmuseum Murnau. More
Apr.2003-Nov.2006 Institution of a geological museum in the medieval castle Il Belagaio (Monticiano-Roccastrada Area, Province Grosseto, S-Tuscany, Italy). More
Dec.14.2000 "The geology of Langer Köchel in the Moorland of Murnau": Poster-contribution during the exposition "INDUSTRY AND NATURE - About the history of Hartsteinwerk (Quarry) Werdenfels in the Moorland of Murnau" in the Schloßmuseum Murnau (District Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany)
Since 2000 Continuation of geological mapping in the Area of Monticiano-Roccastrada (Südtoskana, Italien); start of the geological exploration of the Geotope Area Werdenfels (District Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany)
2000-2004 Assisting the book-project "Mit der Geschichte leben: Memorials, memorial places and memorative sites for the victims of Nationalsocialism in Munich" of my wife Helga Pfoertner. More
Since 1996 Learning computer, internet: Windows-Programs Word, Access, Excel; FTP, Frontpage Express. Since May 1997: Organization and service of a pro-bono database with referencial literature in environmental geology (actually ca. 8400 citations, linked to ca. 2300 keywords (online since April 1999)
Jan.22.2001 Recovery of a large trunk (42 cm x 52 cm x 142 cm), which was given during the "Third Reich" by a Jewish cloth-trader-family in Munich to confidants for custody and which was illegally ransacked by the confidants. Transfer of the empty trunk to the Jewish Community of Munich. More
Since 1999 Counselor tenant of an appartment house community in Munich
Dec.19.1999 Discovery of a faksimile-goldcopy of the Codex Aureus (9th century AD) from Regensburg (St. Emmeran) dumped in a barn and return at Dec.23.1999 to the owner of codex aureus, the Bavarian State Library in Munich
03.1998 Termination of my academic and economic "careers". Result: The profound and responsible search for truth was made impossible at that university faculty.
May.1997 - Mar.1998 Receipt of two letters, in which my petitions for preparation of expert opinions concerning my habilitation-project are rejected.
Receipt of three "expert-opinions", which evalue the quality of my doctoral thesis and which reject my petition for a post-doc-scholarship (habilitation) promoted by the German Research Society
Aug.16.1997 Petition for a post-doc-scholarship (habilitation), promoted by the German Research Society (file number En 384/1-1). Title: "The Monticiano-Roccastrada - metamorphic - core - complex: fragment of a Late Alpine preligurian failed rift"
May.03.1992 Personal best run-time Munich Marathon: 2h 52min 8sec
1986-1989 First complete geological mapping of the Farma Valley (30km²) (Provinces Siena and Grosseto, S-Tuscany, Italy). ca. 900 fieldbook-pages; ca. 6000 tectonic measurements. The physical necessities - walking, ascending - were as follows: taking in sum ca. 1000 km horizontal distance and in sum ca. 35 km difference in elevation
Dec.06.-10.1989 Recovery of hundreds of rock-samples from Southern Tuscany, hundreds of pieces from drill cores (samples of the Banded Iron Formation) as well as ashlar-formatted and polished anorthosite-samples (from the Merensky-Reef) from South Africa, thin sections, polished ore samples and small cans with powder of rock samples for geochemical analyses, illegally dumped in the 2 m³ waste-pit in the backyard of the geological faculty of the LMU Munich. Fotodocumentation of that incident. More
1985-1989; 1992-1993 Pro-bono supervision of 25 diploma students of the "Working Group Southern Tuscany" at the geological faculty of LMU Munich
1988-1989 Pro-bono tutoring of Mr. Weiyuan Li in German language (PhD student at the geological faculty of LMU Munich)
1982-1993 Cooperation in the selfgovernment of a Munich hostel for students and workers (Wohnheimsiedlung Massmannplatz e.V.) ; representative caretaker and repr. sector-chief (1992-1993)
Oct.08.-30.1983 Geological excursion to South Africa
Jun.1982 Discovery of fusulinid foraminifera (fossil unicellulars of Late Carboniferous to Early Permian age) in the Verrucano-Group (Southern Tuscany, Italy)
1976-1982 Youth leader in the German Alpinist Association
1974-1988 Several rock-climbing tours in the Alps
Sep.-Oct.1977 Educational leave in USA: Ohio to Pacific Coast and back by car
  Languages: English, Italian
1971 Presentation of Franz Liszt's piano-composition "Danse Macabre" during a cultural event in the concert-hall of the small town Murnau (Bavaria, Germany)
Jun.22.1969 District-winner in track-and-field-athletics
1967-1975 Compelled private tutoring: four years in Latin language and seven years and nine months in English language. Many cuffs on the head. I refused the remaining three months of compelled private tutoring in the English language to prepare for final examination
Summer vacation 1967: on the sunny porch of a hut on an island in a lake in Upper Bavaria Sitting at a table and reading in the schoolbook "Learning English - Volume 1". Severe affront by a teacher of modern languages sitting close by me. The corresponding content of the verbal outrage was: "Damned, for heavens sake, what a stupid boy this is. You surely will not be able to prove Your worth in the secondary school. But I am mercyful and so I will send You there to have a try." This was the beginning
1965 Begin of mobbing und bullying by class-mates. And really: all the others - also teachers - gaped; nobody helped
1964-1965 In the first and second grade of an elementary school: compelling to right-hand writing and making the sign of the cross in the catholic church with the right hand
Jan.01.2000-Dec.31.2003 Collaborator at Deutsches Museum Munich: Advanced training for schoolgrades and teacher-groups in the sections Mining (Themes: Energy resources hard coal, brown coal, Crude oil), Environment, Energy technique, Chemistry and Physics
Dec.27.1994-Dec.31.1999 Workman at Deutsche Post AG. Four performance-boni
Sep.02.1994-Jan.31.1995 Cashier at PLUS GmbH
Since 2013 Dr. U. Jansen (Senckenberg Inst., Frankfurt); Dr. M. Piecha (Geol. State Authority, Krefeld)
2008 - 2012 P. Schwarz: research worker
2000-2014 Schloßmuseum Murnau
05.02.2016 Resurfaced household objects : Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 2016, 9(2), 229-252
Oct.04.2013 Report about my comment concerning the resolution (Dec.15.2011) of an Upper Bavarian municipal council to clear up the NS-history of its small town. In German language
Dec.2010 Biographical profile in 11. Edition Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2011-2012: pages 503, 2229, 2450 (Category Physical Sciences: Geology)
Dec.2010-May.2011 Hinrichsen, J.: The suitcase in the museum. A meta-symbol of migration.- In: Selheim, C.: Traveling necessaries - more than only luggage. Catalogue of the exposition in the German National Museum Nuremberg. Pages 153-162.
Nov. 2009 27. Edition (2010) Marquis Who'Who in the World : page 745 (Category Physical Science)
May.07.2009 Schenk, R.(2009): Who profited by the holocaust. Berliner Zeitung, Nr. 105, Seite 3
Mar.02.2009 Sascha Keilholz (2009): Human failure.
Sep.23.2008 Fleckenstein, J. (2008): Persecution and extermination 1933-1945. In: Purin, B. (Hrsg.): City without Jews. The dark side of the city-history of Munich. Edition Minerva, Munich 2008. Pages 36-37
Apr.24.2008 Aretz, M., Herbig, H.-G., Somerville, I. D.: Carboniferous Platforms and Basins. Geological Journal 43/2-3: 119-121.
2006 Jansen, A.: Geological excursion to the hump Langer Köchel.- The Daw 2006; 38-41
Aug.25.2004 Discovery of amber in the Werdenfels Country
2003 Jordan, P.: Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft, Heft 31: 8-9


Advanced training




Dr. rer. nat. Hubert Engelbrecht